Our primary school, certainly not as we know it today, was founded on 1 July 1953 , under the bureaucratic name Second Primary School of Region V. It started its work on 1 September 1953 in the building of the fire station on Revolucije Boulevard near Lipovo lad Later it moved to Jagićeva Street No. 5 near Đermo, then to Ćirila i Metodija Street, in the building of socio-political organisations.

The school was named after Ivan Goran Kovačić in 1955. year. At that time it had 1,800 students taught by 65 teachers. Before the construction of the current building, work was done in cramped and unsuitable rooms and classes were held in three shifts. The only heating was the drummers’ stoves. There were no teaching aids, so all the pupils’ lessons at that time resembled the lessons in Nušić’s Autobiography.

In December 1961, the school was moved to the new school building at 18a Vojvode Brane Street years. The number of pupils dropped to normal levels and a new chapter in the school’s history began Since then, with new and better conditions, the school began to collect recognition and awards at all levels and in all areas, one of the most significant and valuable of which is the Dositej Obradović award 1987. given to the school in 1987 as the best school in Serbia.

At the head of the collective, in the position of manager and director, all these years alternated directors who, as good hosts, continued the work where the previous ones had left off. The first director was Živojin Munjić (1953-1957).

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