The school’s student parliament is made up of student representatives from the graduating classes of the primary and secondary school. The responsibilities of the Student Parliament are regulated by Article 105 of the Law on the Fundamentals of the Education System of the Republic of Serbia. In the primary school Ivan Goran Kovačić the Pupils’ Parliament was established in 2006 . and is one of the first pupil organisations in the municipality of Zvezdara.

The Pupils’ Parliament consists of two members – representatives of each class of the final years (VII and VIII ) of the primary school, elected by the class community. The parliament has a president who is elected by the members of the pupils’ parliament at the beginning of each school year. The idea is to provide a democratic way of uniting to represent the interests of all students in the school, as well as to involve pupils in decisions that directly affect them. Teachers are also involved in the work – coordinators who help with the work of the parliament with their advice, but do not take part in voting or participate directly in the parliament’s decision-making on important issues and activities.

The Pupils’ Parliament deals with relations and cooperation between students and teachers, professional staff, informs students about issues of particular importance for their education, gives opinions and proposals to the professional bodies, the School Board, the Parents’ Council and the Headmaster on the rules of conduct in school, the annual work programme, the school development plan, free and extra-curricular activities, participation in sports and other competitions and the organisation of all manifestations, organises and supports humanitarian and work actions inside and outside the school.

Meetings are held every month where decisions are made about work and activities. There is also an evaluation of all that has been done in the previous period.

The student parliament of our school works according to the programme that is part of the school’s annual work plan.

The work of the student parliament has contributed to:

  • improving communication and the atmosphere within the school,
  • the adoption of the necessary procedures, mechanisms and rules by which the life and work of the school is carried out,
  • a more active participation of the students in important decisions for the school work.

In this school year it is planned to continue the activities started and to expand them in terms of content, e.g. collecting cans and plastic caps, improving conditions and communication in the school, working on building a network of student parliaments of the primary schools in the area.


  • Miomir Dragaš – school director
  • Jovana Ćiraković-Coordinator
  • Dragana Bajčeta – Russian language teacher

List of members in the school year 2022/2023. year:
Classes Name and Surname Form tutor
VII-1 Anđelija Jelušić, Vid Hadžihajdić Dragana Bajčeta
VII-2 Magdalena Petrović, Natalija Rakić Irena Perduh
VII-3 Marija Mićić, Teodora Nikolić Olivera Tomić
VII-4 Lazić Pavle, Eva Dragojlović Joca Stojkov
VIII-1 Vojin Petrović, Lazar Đurđević Simonida Radoljić
VIII-2 Andrija Bulatović, Zoran Šarić Siniša Borković
VIII-3 Aleksa Lukić, David Pavić Jovana Rakić
VIII-4 Gala Tatić, Lenka Кuzmanović Nevenka Stefanović